How to disable the Touch Mode in Adobe Reader?

Ever since I received my new HP Ultra book with Windows 8, I was so annoyed with this. Although my ultra-book is touch friendly, it does not mean that I am putting my fingers on the screen all the time while reading a document or to scroll a page.

Especially, while reading a PDF document. Adobe Reader enables the ‘touch mode’ for all the devices as mentioned in their documentation. Personally, I am not very supportive of this decision.

Finally, I found the hidden setting to totally turn off the touch mode. What you have to do is, go to Edit – Preferences – General and change the Touch Mode from Auto-Detect to Never. There are other options as well, but this is what I did.

  • Tim

    Great find, thanks. Especially annoying when you have an external touch screen monitor that is not always plugged in. Adobe is too stupid to figure out that just because touch drivers are installed doesn’t mean you have a touch screen laptop.