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Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

After moving to a new Network Provider and of course to new Modem/Wireless Adapter (HUAWEI-HG655d), I could connect all my devices except my Windows 7 laptop.
I repeatedly received error stating that connection was not successful. After some more steps with Windows Help and Diagnostics, Windows finally said:
‘Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point’
Now, I was like WOW. What an explanation :). Did some googling but wasn’t getting anyway near to it. So decided to call the help desk from Though, I am usually not very optimistic of getting any help from help desks; this guy was just on spot. He asked to change the following settings and it now works like Charm 🙂
Mode: 802.11b/g/n -> 802.11b/g
WPA encryption:   AES -> TKIP/AES
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